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Developing a Cannabis Brand Approachable To a Mainstream Audience with Adrian Sedlin

Episode Summary

Adrian Sedlin joins the show this week to share his experience as a leading entrepreneur in cannabis. Adrian is the CEO and founder of Canndescent, a company focused on creating premium cannabis products. Additionally, he has launched a new brand, Justice Joints, a collaboration with Last Prisoner Project which donates all of its profits to social justice causes within the industry. Adrian talks about how he has developed the Canndescent brand, specifically in a way that makes cannabis more approachable to a mainstream audience. He also reflects on the importance of balancing excellence with gratitude, and what he does on a day-to-day basis to operate from a position of thankfulness. Lastly, Adrian discusses Last Prisoner Project and his commitment to social causes, as well as the responsibility industry leaders like himself have to help provide a second chance for non-violent drug offenders that paved the way for them.

Episode Notes


Baker’s Cannabis Co.

Good Brands Co.

Justice Joints

Last Prisoner Standing